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Augmented & Virtual Reality Solutions

AR & VR are surprisingly universal technologies, that can be successfully applied practically to any aspect of modern business. The possibilities are endless and the market is booming. We only show you a small preview of what it can do.

Augmented & Virtual Reality in Real Estate

AR & VR in Real Estate

Mobile applications that take advantage of AR and VR technologies are some of the most effective presentation tools for any Real Estate objects, from cottages to industrial buildings. Latest technology is the key trend in Real Estate sales and advertising.

Interior & Furniture

Interior design is yet another area of modern life where the use of AR and VR is not only desirable, but is quickly becoming a necessity. Technologies will help to create a perfect interior from scratch, as well as refresh an already existing furnishing. Constant visualisation is the key to success! It will help to quickly find the right solutions and allow to reduce the amount of mistakes to absolute minimum.

Augmented Reality For Interior & Furniture
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What seemed fantastic just couple years ago is more than real today. Until recently Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were rare technologies that could be encountered only in a limited amount of places. Thanks to the huge leap that mobile devices have made in less than 10 years, now AR and VR are available to almost everyone. There is no doubt that they are changing the world around and the way we perceive it. In the changing world, advertising also becomes different.

Custom Solutions

The potential of modern technologies is truly huge. To envision all possible scenarios for their successful application is simply impossible. Only you can come up with solutions that will be fully suitable for your business! We will be happy to help you bring to life your most ambitious ideas!

Custom Solutions

Real Estate Demo App

Checkout our real estate demo app to get a brief insight about Virtual & Augmented Reality. Click on the image to get the AR marker. We recommend you to print the marker but it will work off the screen also. Simply start the app, select AR mode and point at the marker.

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Why Virtual & Augmented Reality?


Quality virtual model will engage customers and help them learn more about your company’s offer


Customers can interact with different elements of virtual and augmented environment, or even customize them

WOW effect

The innovative way of presenting your products and services will make a positive, long lasting impression and help your offer stand out


All dimensions and proportions of your product are strictly complied within the virtual model. The customer does not need to take extra effort and envision anything


VR tours and AR presentations can be organised anywhere. Company office, international exhibitions, customer’s home - there is no limit!


You are always ready to act and sell. AR and VR materials are always with you on a mobile device of your choice.

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