What seemed fantastic just couple years ago is more than real today. Until recently Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were rare technologies that could be encountered only in a limited amount of places. Thanks to the huge leap that mobile devices have made in less than 10 years, now AR and VR are available to almost everyone. There is no doubt that they are changing the world around and the way we perceive it. In the changing world, advertising also becomes different.

VR for advertising
The use of Virtual Reality allows the user to deeply submerge into the atmosphere of what is happening around. The feeling of presence is strong, senses and emotions intensify, the information is perceived and processed more actively. All of these features of VR can be successfully applied in advertising. From 360 video content to fully digital virtual world. VR is the future of advertising, available today!

AR for advertising
Augmented Reality is successfully used today, helping companies to attract new customers and retain existing ones. One of the key strengths of this technology is that it creates a strong relationship between customers and brands/products. The use of AR in advertising is very diverse. The content can be delivered both with the mobile device of the user, or with the help of specially prepared stands. AR content will be an excellent addition to print advertising of any form, from miniature flyers to huge billboards. Additional functionality that comes with AR applications facilitates direct communication between the client and the company, it allows marketers to better understand the target audience and, as a result, promote even more effectively in future.