Shopping & Entertainment

Shopping industry is becoming more and more competitive. Simply building a cozy shopping mall in a convenient location is not enough to be successful anymore. Modern buyers can purchase almost everything online, and if they choose to shop outside, they want bright impressions and are willing to go across the city in the search for them. AR and VR installations will give unforgettable emotions and attract new visitors!


VR for shopping malls
Virtual Reality will take visitors to a new world and help experience unforgettable adventures. A jump from skyscraper, a walk among wild animals, a fun game with a friend from a distant galaxy Рeverything is possible. Such experience does not have to take long. Sometimes 15 seconds can give impressions strong enough to remain in memory for life.


AR for shopping malls
Unlike VR installation that are usually built around one visitor, the adventures of Augmented Reality are more suitable for large groups of people. Such impressions can often be easily shared with social media, which will help to further promote the location.
When it comes to helping with shopping, AR is an even more advanced technology. Virtual fitting rooms will allow visitors to quickly try anything – from an evening dress to a new lipstick.