AR/VR for Interior Design

Digital 3D modeling is widely used and recognized among designers as one of the most efficient tools for interior creation. This approach works really well, as it allows to demonstrate the designers idea in the most understandable way for client. However there are some limitations. Most of the created 3D models are static, the number of viewing angles is quite limited, and the feeling of presence is practically non existent.
A transfer of 3D model to Virtual Reality is a great way to tackle all these issues. In VR the client can easily explore every corner, try all the elements of future interior in action, better understand the idea of designer and if necessary make all the required adjustments in time.

AR for interior design (choose your furniture and other interior items without leaving home)
Choosing the right furniture and interior accessories is both labor and time consuming. Regardless of the scale of the change many things can go wrong. Many things can look great on web and magazine pages, but in reality they will not work for various reasons. Even if you manage hit with the color and site, the final result may look completely different from what you originally wanted. If only it was possible to “try on” various items in the interior of your house without significant effort. Thanks to the beauty of Augmented Reality, we finally have this opportunity! Modern applications allow you to quickly select the desired object and easily place it in your room. Several seconds and you can see how it interacts with the surrounding space. If necessary several items can be used at the same time. Such approach is simple, convenient, and enjoys success with leading manufacturers of furniture and interior items. Eliminate your customers from having to spend a lot of time and energy searching for the furniture and they will thank you by choosing your company’s products more and more often!